Z80 cross assembler extensions

I found the original on an HP Users Group magtape, written in SPL. Because of my work in the "Bigboard" Project, I needed macro capabilities which I implemented as a preprocessor to the compiler.
The first usage was a self-written floppy formatting utility which needed the layout of a complete track to be setup in memory before the formatting could take place by writting this track onto the floppy disk.
The preprocessor was able to handle macro-parameters and call itself recursively.

The Assembler Source (Turbo Pascal) and Excutable Only the Z80 part was tested after my mods.
Comparison of 2 ACSII Files Thought to check/compare various assembler output against each other
Assembler Source of Pascal Runtime Library A test for mizasm
Z80 Assembler Instruction Test 1 A test for mizasm
Z80 Assembler Instruction Test 2 A test for mizasm