Tasks and responsibilities


Bacher Systems EDV GmbH

· Account Management incl. revenue & margin responsibility
· Building and managing the IT-Infrastructur Consulting group
· Business development for new services
· Business unit planning
· Presales consulting support 
. Sales Pipeline reviews
. Project qualification

Storage Technology Austria HmbH

· People and business management of the customer support organization.
· P/L responsibility
· Creation of proposals and contracts for consulting and support services.
· Drafting of business rules for services deals
· Sales support for consulting and support services.
· Execution of and participation in escalation management process.

T-Systems Österreich

· Support of the Hungarian subsidiaries of debis IT services with respect to organizational structure, service offering portfolio, management.
· Preparation of HR as a dedicated function and th ehiring of the HR manager.
· Participation in the owners/shareholders meetings.
· Introduction of internationally proven policies and procedures.

Tandem / Compaq:

· Tandem NonStop systems family and system software components.
· Sales support for various strategic projects. Example: Austrian nationwide online ATM/POS authorization network. Project management, technical consulting and responsibility for benchmark test during the implementation of this project.
· Customer support and consulting for Austrian/CEE customers.
· Certification to the Austrian X.25 (Datex-P) and X.21 (DDL) PTT network.
· Managing the Systems Analyst organization also added sales-project qualification/reviews, risk analysis, coordination of international support for large strategic projects.
· Product marketing as a part of the SW support organizations responsibilities.
· Presales consulting for the first online ATM/POS network in Eastern Europe (CSFR).
· Design, setup and management of a support concept for Eastern Europe.
· Setup of the “Customer support and Service” organization with full P/L respon-sibility including HW service, SW support, consultancy and customer education.
· Setup of the technical infrastructure and the presales support organization in the Moscow subsidiary.
· Member of the “Steering Committee” of the OSS (Operational Support System) project of MATAV (Hungarian Telecom Corp).
· Various management trainings and seminars.
· Member of the management team of Tandem Austria.

Hewlett Packard:

· HP250 small business system incl. system software products.
· Operating system CP/M (HP/125) and Assembler/8080.
· Operating system MPE/IV and MPE/V (HP3000); programming languages: SPL, COBOL, Fortran, RPG, BASIC and Pascal plus middleware SW.
· Presales- and customer support for all these products.
· Teaching customer training classes on all these products.
· Design and lecture of customized training classes and workshops on MPE/V (system post mortem dump analysis and system tuning) and data-communications (Intro to datacomms and communication protocols).
· Certification of the HP3000 X.25 software to the Austrian Datex-P network.
· Assignment to the “NA Customer Response Center” in Santa Clara, CA
· Setup of such an response-center (hotline-support) in Vienna.
· Guest-lectures at various training courses at HP European HQ in Böblingen, Germany ("Product Introduction" classes to new hires and "operating system internals" course for System Engineers).
· Development of a special printer firmware and extensions to the HP3000 printer spooling software for Hebrew and Arabic languages.
· Technical presentations and speeches for the Austrian HP3000 users group.
· Technical account support for Austrian major accounts.
· Responsibility for customizing SW release tapes prior to customer distribution.
· Contact and focal point for cooperation with the European technical support group in Böblingen.

Sperry Univac:

· Operating systems OS/3, OS/4 and OS/700 plus Assembler, Fortran IV, Intel 8080 Assembler, PL/M and RPG/II.
· Design and implementation of a hierarchical database system
· Design and Implementation of an patient administration application for MDs.
· V77 Minicomputers and system software (OS, DB, TC)
· Redesign of a batch-oriented source code editor into an interactive one supporting various terminal types.
· Participation in integration testing and staging for systems being sold into Eastern Europe.
· Specialization in the area of data communications.