MS-DOS disk partition, MBR and directory/file utility

While the FAT file system is not "magic", there are some control structures which together build the "way to the data".
And it starts with the Master Boot Record on the hard disk which contains information about the disk layout.
This program (running under DOS, written in Turbo Pascal) decoded the MBR and the boot records of a selected partition.
Files could be located on the disk by walking along the FAT chain, and some checks (file size as stored in directory versa length of FAT chain) were implemented.

It could also load / store the MBR from/to a file, which allowed a more secure editing.
Please use all these functions with care as it may completely destroy your hard disc if used improperly!

Executable (DOS + Command Line Window). Does not work on Vista, XP, Win/2000
TP 5.5 Source code